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Get DUI Help Now

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expert DUI advice from Miami attorney Jonathan ParkerNavigating the criminal court process can be daunting in any case, but is especially so in DUI cases. This is because, due to the high volume of charges that the courts and prosecutors must process, and due to the fact that a Florida drunk driving charge is truly the “every-man’s” charge, prosecutors and judges may see your case as “routine” and less than serious unless you have a strong voice in the courtroom pointing out that this event and its outcome will have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those you care about.

In addition to the court process which will determine your guilt or innocence, as well as your sentence and terms, you will also need to navigate the administrative license and driving aspects of your FL DUI case. That means dealing with an even more crowded system: The Florida DHSMV. You need a lawyer who regularly handles FL DUI driving and license suspension issues, and who knows how to navigate the system for you. Most people are worried about signing up for DUI school and getting a hardship license as fast as possible. However, it’s most important to avoid a DUI conviction on your record – period. You should worry why the State would give you a hardship license so easily just for signing up for DUI school… Because you will waive your right to a formal review hearing. The government doesn’t make anything easy. If you are taking legal advice from the DMV, the Police, people you met in jail, friends, family or anyone other than a licensed Florida lawyer, you are making a mistake that could cost in ways you never imagined. Every case is different, and in yours, by rushing and getting a hardship you license, you are waiving your right for a formal review which could reinstate your license without restriction and save you $200 for the hardship license and even more for DUI school.

Your lawyer’s expertise should always include a working knowledge of Florida implied consent law, the Florida administrative license suspension hearing process, and the law that governs ignition interlock devices in Florida.

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