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Since DUI case differences are important to your defense, our DUI attorneys find the right approach for your specific circumstance. When an officer accuses you of driving under the influence, you may feel like there is nothing you can do. Don’t let the uniform fool you — officers are humans too, and aren’t above making mistakes. To be convicted of a DUI there must be proof that:

1.you were “in actual physical control”of your vehicle, and

2.you were under the influence at the time.

If you were parked when the Police officer approached you, the officer may not have any proof that you were actually driving while under the influence, but you might still be arrested for a DUI. Depending on evidence, we can use this information to build your defense.

Your DUI Case Differences

Police officers have a certain conduct to follow. If, for any reason, the law enforcement officer doesn’t follow this conduct, your DUI arrest can be challenged.

  • An officer must read your Miranda rights before arresting and interrogating you.

  • Officers must have a probable cause for stopping you that is reasonably articulate. If the officer fails to have a reason for stopping or arresting you, it’s possible that all charges can be dropped.

  • Another defense may fall on the accuracy of the breath testing machine used to test your blood alcohol concentration. It’s well known that these machines have failed in the past to provide precise results. Perhaps the machine used on you was broken, or the test wasn’t administered correctly, or it wasn’t calibrated/maintained up to code. Is your blood alcohol level the same as it was in your car, two hours later at the police station.

These are all just some of the possible factors that may warrant a solid defense.

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