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Protect Your Peace Of Mind

Jonathan H. Parker with Parker and Maloney, PA, probate attorney in Miami, Florida, New Jersey and Hawaii understands the important of your peace of mind.

Losing a loved one is stressful enough; it throws everyone off balance. Compounding that is dealing with the decedent’s assets. Most people don’t handle an estate in their life. But this is exactly what Jonathan H. Parker does. He works on your behalf to ensure you’re protected. He represents you and all the heirs to ensure the estate is probated properly and assets are protected.

Knowledge in Probate

Probates can be complicated. Jonathan H. Parker makes it easy to understand and does all the work for you. He’s handled estates this way since 1988. While you deal with your grief, he handles the legal matters.

What you should bring to us

Oftentimes, the executor has no idea where to start, what to bring to the probate attorney. They are overwhelmed by it all. Here is a quick (but not inclusive) check list to help us help you start the probate process:

  • Death Certificate

  • Banking and/or investment Information

  • Insurance policies

  • Retirement statement, if any

  • Address book

  • Current will

  • Any trusts

  • List of assets

  • If it looks important to you, it probably is

What we do

The lawyers of Parker and Maloney will prepare and file documents as required by probate court, and may also perform some or all of these services:

  • Collect and manage life insurance proceeds

  • Get the decedent’s property appraised;

  • Find and secure all the decedent’s assets;

  • Advise you on how to pay the decedent’s bills and settle debts;

  • Managing the estate’s checkbook

  • Determining whether any estate taxes are owed

Rest easy

Call our office today for a free initial consultation and discover how working with Jonathan H. Parker help give your peace of mind.