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The DUI Eraser


If you are facing a DUI issue, hiring a good DUI lawyer is the first step to potentially erase your DUI. The only way to guaranty a “DUI eraser” is by not drinking and driving. However, if you wind up in an unexpected situation, here are some tips or occurrences that might result in your beating a DUI allegation::

  1. Illegal stop of person or vehicle- a driver can’t be stopped unless the officer has a real reason to believe that a traffic law or other law has been violated. A person can’t be stopped unless a violation has occurred.

  2. Weaving inside the lanes is not illegal weaving without crossing any line is not against the law and an automobile can’t be stopped because of that.

  3. An anonymous report of drunken driving- a car can’t be stopped just because an anonymous person reported you.

  4. If the standard field sobriety testing is inaccurate- the one-leg stand test is only 65% accurate and the walk-and-turn test is only 68% accurate when it comes to determining if a person is under the influence.

  5. The non-standardized field tests are invalid- The Federal Government or medical science will consider touching your finger to your nose or saying the alphabet, or counting backwards are valid sobriety tests.

  6. Many times cop blood test are inaccurate. Police blood testing fails to follow prescribed rules of testing, analysis, or preservation recommendations.

  7. A lot of police stations videotape suspects at the police station where their speech is clearer and their balance is better just to spite the police testimony to the contrary.

  8. If the client is not provided with a trial within a certain period of time, which will vary between states, through delays of the court or prosecutor, the charges have to be dismissed.

  9. Bad Weather-If there are weather reports establishing high winds, low visibility, and other conditions are available to explain poor driving or poor balance.

  10. A police officer’s previous disciplinary record can be used to attack the officer’s credibility.